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Handmade, plant-dyed silk ribbon and table linens & styling fabric, for weddings and the home. Made in England, with love for the planet.






It’s very important to me that my business is as eco-friendly as possible. I strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to care for the planet that supports us and so I use no toxic substances in my work. All of my dyes are 100% natural and come from plants, berries, teas and wood pulp obtained from suppliers who also practice sustainable farming and processing. All of my products are 100% natural silk, cotton or a blend of silk and rayon (a plant fibre made from trees, often eucalyptus these days) and so at the end of their lives they can return to the soil rather than landfill. In my studio I recycle and reuse as much packaging as possible, choose suppliers who use less plastic and eco-friendly packing and I compost my left over dye pots.


I also believe and set out to prove that it’s possible to run a company in an eco-friendly way while producing the most beautiful and high quality products possible. My colours are rich and glowing, my ribbons, linens and accessories add a touch of luxury to any event, photoshoot or table. Nothing leaves my studio without being perfect.

To that end, I offer grab bags of off cuts, slightly flawed and irregular width ribbons several times a year, so that we waste as little as possible of our hard work. These are a great way for customers to get a feel for the colour range and quality of my ribbons.

With Love

Everything I make really is handmade with love. It’s truly a pleasure to work with these materials and dyes. Many of my dye pots smell amazing while they’re simmering away and it never stops being fun to bring a handful of freshly dyed silk, glowing with colour, our of the pot, rinse it and hang it on the line to dry. I often feel that it’s a great privilege to be able to do work like this and I am so grateful for each sale that allows me to make my living at this age old craft.