Frequently Asked Questions

“Why ‘Nettle’?”

Nettles are a ubiquitous plant in England, where owner Susanna grew up. Often viewed as a weed, they thrive in poor soil and are actually extremely useful plants. They have a painful sting if you brush against them but some believe the sting, since it promotes the release of certain hormones in the brain, to be helpful to health. If carefully harvested they make a wonderful light green dye, tisane, soup, and even a fabric and since they grow nearly anywhere, could be a very useful resource. The common threads between these lovely, hardy little plants and the unlikely beginnings of her business made the name seem very appropriate.

“When will you ship my order?”

Due to our current volume of orders, your order will ship two weeks from the date you place it. If you need it sooner than that, please contact us to arrange to have the order expedited. This is almost always possible, but occasionally we’re so busy that we do have to regretfully say no. If you need it very urgently we can often arrange to overnight it, for an extra fee.

“Is your ribbon colorfast? Can I wash it?”

Yep! Our ribbons, table runners and napkins are dyed with plant and mineral-based colour, just like every textile in the world prior to the 1850s. The colour is permanent, though some may fade a little if exposed to constant direct sunlight. If you’d like to wash them we recommend a gentle wash in PH-neutral soap. You can also iron them on a warm setting.

Exposure to drastic changes in PH - like flower food - can change the colour, however.

Please do not have them dry cleaned! Dry cleaning is not actually dry; it uses a chemical solvent (often toxic and harmful to you and the environment) in place of water. In all likelihood it will alter the colour of your silk or cotton.

“I want to use your ribbon for my bridal bouquet. How much should I buy?”

  • To wrap just the stems, with no streamers, one yard is sufficient
  • To wrap the stems and have medium-length streamers, 3 yards is best
  • To wrap the stems and have dramatic, editorial-style streamers, we recommend 5 yards


“I want to use your ribbon to wrap my invitations. How much do I need?”

Decide whether you want to wrap once around the centre, or both ways like a parcel and whether you would like to tie a knot, or a bow. 

For once around the middle, measure across the invitation suite and double it, then add three inches for a knot or five for a bow.

For both ways, like a parcel, measure both dimensions, add them and double it, then add three inches for a knot or five for a bow.

It’s also sometimes useful (and less maths!) to use a piece of string or cotton thread and tie it, then measure that and multiply by the number of invitations and/or suites you’ll need.

If you get stuck or need any help at all, don’t hesitate to ask!

“I want to buy a table runner. How do I figure out how much I need?"

Most tabletops are 30” off the floor. If you would like a runner that hangs off the end of the table at both ends, runs the length of the table and pools a little on the floor, take the table length in inches, add 60” (for the hight) and at least 70” for the pooling. 

If you have any questions at all, let me know!

“Do you do wholesale deals?”

Making plant-dyed textiles by hand is a very time consuming process and just as much for 1 yard as for 2000, so creating our products in the huge, industrial-sized amounts that make wholesale prices possible for factory-made products do not work for our studio. We do, however, offer a small discount for orders over 100 yards. Please contact us to inquire about that.

“Will you contribute to my styled shoot?”

At some points in the year and depending on the shoot, this is sometimes possible. Please feel free to inquire, bearing in mind these requirements on our end:

-That you will not use any other company’s ribbon (or if borrowing table runners and/or napkins, any other company’s linens) in the shoot.

-That anything lent for the shoot will be returned in good condition within 2 weeks of the shoot date.

-That we will receive high res images of the full shoot, including at least 3 flat-lays or close up product images of our products.

-That we will receive credit and links to our social media (IG, FB and website) every time images from the shoot are shared on social media or websites.