Handmade Cotton Dinner Napkins

Handmade Cotton Dinner Napkins


Pure cotton dinner napkins, carefully dyed in small batches, just like our ribbons! This listing is for a set of 4 napkins.

Nettle's dinner napkins are hand made by me in England from 100% cotton and carefully dyed using colours derived from plants, trees and soil. These processes - sometimes taking many days to achieve - lend a beautiful, delicate and unique colour to the fabric.

These napkins measure a luxurious 56cm by 56cm and have the same relaxed, eyelash edge as my ribbons.

As pictured in the first image, they are available in

pale rose

Also available in champagne.

Washable. I recommend a gentle cycle with a ph neutral soap. Dry on low if using the dryer. These napkins are designed for a relaxed, chic look but they can also be ironed for a more formal finish.

It should be noted that while I adhere to a formula for each colour, since these are hand made textiles, some variation between batches will occur. It should also be noted that some variation along the length of the fabric may occur, due to the nature of the dyes - this is part of what makes plant dyed fabric unique and special!

I source the fabrics from which we make our ribbon from suppliers who are deeply committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, as we are. It's important to us at Nettle that we leave the world more beautiful and better for us than it would have been without us ♡

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