'Cream Tea' Neutrals Ribbon Bundle, Handmade Silk Ribbon

'Cream Tea' Neutrals Ribbon Bundle, Handmade Silk Ribbon


Bundles of beautiful handmade, plant-dyed silk ribbon, designed to make it easier for brides, designers, planners and photographers to choose ribbon sets for bouquets.

These bundles will add a luxurious, colour coordinated extra flair to your bouquet. The ribbon moves beautifully in the open air and photographs gorgeously in natural light. Naturally dyed ribbon works perfectly with flowers and foliage, to bring out the best in your colour palette.

The regular bundle features 10 metres of beautiful ribbon, including one wide, one medium and one narrow ribbon for each bundle. Colours will vary slightly from bundle to bundle but will always be in your chosen palette and will coordinate perfectly with one another. The wide ribbons will be pressed and folded, the narrow will arrive on a hand made wooden spool, perfect for invitation detail shots!

Available in 5 colour choices:
The Royals (rich deep purples, violets, maroons and navy blues)
Blushing (pinks, blush and rose tones)
Cream Tea (creamy neutrals)
Honey, You're Golden (golds and rich yellows)
Chance of Rain (moody greys)

These bundles are also available in a luxe package, featuring 15 metres of ribbon and as styling bundles for designers and photographers. Please use the search feature on the shop page if you'd like to find other options, or message me any time with questions.

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