White, Handmade Silk Ribbon

White, Handmade Silk Ribbon

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Simple and elegant, this pure white ribbon is hand washed, frayed and pressed just like all of our other ribbons, leaving it with an incredibly soft and luxurious feel.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: silk, ribbon, habotai, crepe de chine
  • Available in 3 m or 6 m, and arrives on hand-crafted wooden, custom wooden spools.

Nettle's 2.5cm ribbon is made from bias cut silk satin. Because it's cut diagonally across the width of the fabric, it has a bit of stretch to it as well as a seam about every 3m or so.

Nettle's wider width ribbons are made from crepe de chine, which has a gorgeous low lustre, a lovely drape and a beautifully soft frayed edge and no seams along the length. Colours have a gorgeous subtle glow in this fabric.


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