Workshop: Natural Dyeing at Witte Farm, Oregon

Workshop: Natural Dyeing at Witte Farm, Oregon


Date: August 25th 2018

Time: 10 am-1 pm

Location: Witte Flower Farm, Oregon

Join us for a morning of natural dyeing fundamentals, followed by a delicious lunch on the flower farm.

In this workshop we'll learn the basics of preparing natural fabrics to accept plant dyes, using the dyes themselves, experimenting with dye bath strength for a variation of colour, layering colours and adjusting colour with mordants. Students will receive one-on-one instruction, have hands-on experience with dyeing using plant-based colour and finish the class with their own silk ribbons and a cotton-canvas dyed apron.

We’ll be joined by talented professional photographer and my dear friend Kris LeBoeuf, who will document our work so that everyone will also receive beautiful images to use in social media, journaling, or just as a lovely keepsake.

We'll take a break amongst the flowers and in the Oregon summer sunshine, while some of our work dries, enjoying a beautiful lunch prepared by Kristen and her crew at the farm. The menu will be based around what's fresh and local and will feature rustic breads, sweet stone fruit and fresh salads. Please let us know if you have dietary needs we should keep in mind.

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