Natural Dyeing; The Art of Creating Beautiful Colour with Plants

Salem, Oregon

Saturday August 25th 2018

A Morning of Hands-On Learning at lovely Witte Flower Farm

In this workshop we'll learn the basics of preparing natural fabrics to accept plant dyes, using the dyes themselves, experimenting with dye bath strength for a variation of colour, layering colours, adjusting colour with mordants and experimenting with colours on various natural fibres like silk, hemp and linen. Students will receive one-on-one instruction, have hands-on experience with dyeing using plant-based colour and finish the class with their own silk ribbons, a cotton-canvas dyed apron and great foundation from which to further explore natural dyes. 

We will break for a lovely light lunch in the Oregon summer sunshine, prepared by Kristen and her crew at the farm. The menu will be based around what's fresh and local and will feature rustic breads, sweet stone fruit and fresh salads. Please let us know if you have dietary needs we should keep in mind.


We’ll be joined by talented professional photographer and my dear friend Kris LeBoeuf, who will document our work so that everyone will also receive beautiful images to use in social media, journaling, or just as a lovely keepsake.

After lunch we'll return to the workshop to assess our work, create some flat lay photos for social media and wrap up the session.

 image by Kris LeBoeuf

image by Kris LeBoeuf


join us!

The cost includes lunch, all supplies and take home goodies, plus all the things you will have made.

If you would prefer to pay in dollars, please visit my Etsy shop for the same workshop

There is a maximum attendance of 12 students, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of hands-on personal instruction and time to get elbow-deep in beautiful colour and flowers.

PNW Elopement-95.jpg

Bouquet Design

Witte Flower Farm

August 25th 2018


In the afternoon I will be teaching a modern, relaxed bouquet style, perfect for weddings or styled shoots. We'll be gathering flowers from Kristen's beautiful farm, working with their natural shapes and discussing colour choices and movement.

At the end of the afternoon of course we'll style our bouquets with Nettle's naturally dyed silk ribbons and our work will be beautifully captured by our photographer, Kris, so that each student will receive a set of professional images for their portfolios or social media.  

If you would like to see more of my floral work, please visit my flower website here.

If you would like to add an afternoon of bouquet design to the morning's workshop, or if you would prefer to purchase it as a stand alone event, please click here to find out more or to secure your space in this small class.

 image by Hyeji J of  Gather and Assemble , Seoul

image by Hyeji J of Gather and Assemble, Seoul

In the evening, Portland company Serenade will be hosting a dinner and live music event on the farm. More details to follow. If you would like to add this to your day's loveliness, I will update all students as soon as sign up and more information is available for this beautiful event under the Oregon summer stars.

Seoul, South Korea, October 2018

Exact location and date TBA but I am accepting pre-bookings and will be able to add details in June.

As with all of my classes, there is a limited number of seats available, so please do express an interest if you'd like to be added to the student list for this class.




Sydney, Australia, Oct 2018

I am teaming up with fabulous print shop and all around lovely supporters of the handmade The Distillery to bring a workshop to Sydney in October. Currently roughed in to the calendar for midweek in the middle of the month. If you might be interested in attending, please send me a quick note to let me know you're interested. I'd love to hear from you!

My workshops include an introduction to working with natural dyes derived from plants, wood and earth; hands on experiments with silks in natural dye vats and every student leaves with a completed small project and some Nettle goodies. Tickets will be $250US/£185UK/$300AU for the four hour class, including refreshments, take home booklet and of course every beautiful thing you've made in class.

I would love to meet you! Please do get in touch.

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